My Eco-label Salmon BBQ party | part 1

eco bbq service table

When my friend Eden Spodek of istudio asked me if I would like to host a party at home for tasting True North’s eco-certified farm salmon, I immediately said yes. We cooked more often fresh salmon fillets on the BBQ than we prepared burgers. Plus, it was a great way to launch my outdoor entertaining season.

I invited a good of foodies within my friends. I kept it small so we can all sit down comfortably at my outdoor dining room. The theme was eco-chic BBQ. The food and the fact that I did the party on the World Environment Day led to that concept.

eco bbq details of the menu and table

It was a casual event. Not going overboard and using what I already known seemed more appropriate with the party theme. I invited my friends using a private event on Facebook.

I did not use placemats and we ate on my wooden table. I felt more natural. I put on my table my real china, glassware and flatware. No need to get an outdoor dinnerware set. You save money and space.

My florist designed two centerpieces that were elegant but carried a wild-flower vibe. We went with Hyacinths (jacinthes d’Hollande) that look amazing and smell wonderful. I usually stayed away from flowers with a noticeable perfume when I am indoors but outside, it does not matter.

My Menu

I originally thought of a first course that I could serve with wooden plate. My husband was craving for the seared scallops and crispy prosciutto with roasted tomatoes and smashed white beans by Jamie Oliver. The recipe is on The Naked Chef Takes Off cookbook. Therefore, I made it.

eco bbq first course :: seared scallops and crispy prosciutto with roasted tomatoed and smashed white beans

This is a tasty and unique recipe that everyone adores. You never tasted something like that. Beware that although the technique is pretty simple, they are many steps to make this recipe. I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the recipe before a party, unless you are an experienced cook.

We served the grilled salmon with an assortment of grilled vegetables. We do not marinated the vegetables; we simply put a light coat of olive oil and grill them on each side for 4 minutes. Put more olive oil on the asparagus and the zucchini slices. We prepared a typical French dijon vinaigrette to go on top of the cooked vegetables. It is a classic side dish at our barbecue party.

eco bbq :: opera cake for dessert

A guest brought an Opera cake (it was the birthday of his wife) that we savored with a sparkling wine. We served white tea to finish the night. The party was a success. Everyone loves the food and the company.

In part 2, I will talk about the eco-label and the goodies I received from True North Salmon for making this party a reality.

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  • Nathalie Rivard
    June 11, 2009 at 16:09

    Thanks Kim and Jerome! It was a fantastic evening! You are both great hosts!
    The Eco-Label salmon from True North was delicious.

  • Eden Spodek
    June 11, 2009 at 20:35

    Kim, So glad to learn your party turned out wonderfully and thanks for your lovely post. The menu looks amazing and as someone updating our backyard, I appreciate you sharing information about outdoor entertaining.

    I prepared True North Salmon and asparagus on the BBQ for my family last weekend. I’ll have to try the French dijon vinaigrette next time – I used olive oil and fresh lemon juice.

    Like you and Jerome, we’re big salmon eaters and it’s been great learning about the True North’s farming process and Eco-Label certification.