My Ciao Montreal Interview at Ateliers et Saveurs

ciao montreal filmed at saveurs et ateliers in old montreal

A cool thing about doing TV interviews is that you discover new shows and new places. I watched last week episode before my interview and I like it.

About the TV Show

Ciao Montreal is a show hosted by young dynamic Italian women about what is going in Montreal that can interest the Italian community. The show covers lifestyle, nightlife, music, fashion, and entertainment. Natasha Gargiulo interviewed me about Halloween party ideas for grown ups.

Ciao Montreal also recorded from a different location in Montreal. This week, it was at a fabulous cooking, mixology and wine tasting school in the heart of Old Montreal called Ateliers et Saveurs. The calendar is mostly filled with workshops. The concept is to learn while having fun.

The décor of Ateliers et Saveurs also impressed me. I captured the lights to give you an idea of the place. An event was taken place. I did not photograph the rooms by respect to the attendees. Do not worry I am planning to go back at Ateliers et Saveurs. I wish to experience their workshops and tasting events.

Custom-made lighting

Lighting artist François Legault of UNIK Sculptural Lighting designed the three light fixtures I am showing you. They were designed especially for Ateliers et Saveurs.

The spiral chandelier features 260 spoons in three sizes, and 15 incandescent bulbs. In the wine tasting room, 476 spoons and 21 Champagne flutes were used to create an impressive 7 foot-long pendant lamp over the table.

The Bar wall sconces are made out of barware. A bunch of spoons hanged from a cocktail strainer. Metal stems hold three shooter glasses at the base. The Kitchen sconces are built on a similar concept than the bar sconces. But in the kitchen, three ladles and whisks drop below the 50 spoons.

I invite you to check UNIK Sculptural Lighting online to admire the entire lighting collection at Ateliers et Saveurs.

Mark October 12th, 2008 on your Calendar

The show with my interview is supposed to air October 12th, 2008 on CJNT Montreal. I will tell you more when I received the confirmation. I wish to thank the team of Ciao Montreal for this opportunity.

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+ Ateliers et Saveurs custom-made lighting by UNIK Sculptural Lighting
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