My Arrival in Los Angeles

A quick note on what is happening on my trip. This is a mix-match of ideas.

warm welcome

First, I got a warm welcome by the Fairmont Miramar in Santa Monica with a nice tray and a card. This is one of the advantages of staying often at the same hotel chain and be a member of their rewards plan. Thank you guys.

A Reward for Being Green

We drive a Hybrid car; we rented a Toyota Prius with GPS because a car is a must in Los Angeles. Everything is spread across a series of towns.

A few participating Fairmont hotels give a complimentary parking if you drive a hybrid car. When staying, at the Fairmont Miramar in Santa Monica, this translates in $30 a day savings.

I wish to point out that Fairmont Hotels is on Twitter. They are listening and answering back to what we are saying. I applauded a brand that engages in a true conversation. I thought the free parking for hybrids was only a green living initiative good in California. They told me about the other cities.

My first Video of 2009

You can check a little video I did as we picked up the car at the airport. There were a lot of noise and workers around which distracted me. It proves that a micro for my digital video camera is a must. Talk to you soon.