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My 2008 Posts in Review: May

On a personal note, May 2008 marked a turning point. It will always have a special meaning since my ACL reconstruction surgery happened on May 1st. I expect my leg to be fully recovered in a couple of months. Let me tell me that I am thrilled to see the end of tunnel of a ski jump that turned into an accident.

floral party theme for first birthday :: how to set  a cookware :: cartolina cards

+ This new beginning half explains why I selected First Birthday Party Ideas for a Girl as one of my favorite posts of May 2008. The second reason is many of you enjoyed this fun floral party theme.

+ As a blogger, I got more opportunities to discover amazing new products. I am still impressed by the unique Old meets New style of Cartolina Cards. These eco-friendly cards stand them apart from the crowd. Fiona Richards infuses a modern distinctive look to patterns from ancient cultures, especially India. Fiona’s blog, Café Cartolina is one my top 3 new blogs of 2008. This is a place to find lots of amazing eye candies.

+ Beside inspiring you, I try to give you shopping advices. I think the Web community appreciated since How to Select a Cookware Set was popular in 2008.

  • Fiona Richards
    January 1, 2009 at 19:29

    Thank you so much Kim.
    I enjoy your blog everyday too and I am thrilled to be one of your top 3 new blogs.

    You made my day, I am honored!

    Happy New Year!

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