My 2008 Posts in Review: July

Let start with one of best food discovery of 2008.

Jerome and Kim's Parisian Burger adapted from Café Salle Pleyel

+ My husband and I got inspired by the Parisian Burger imagined by Café Salle Pleyel Burger. Our own adaptation tastes wonderful, try it.

Then something that you do not find often on my blog: controversy. Both stories came from events I experienced. Because these posts triggered more comments, I think they deserve to be on my blogging review of the 2008.

kids party favors: pro or con :: my balnea spa review

+ First, I met a mother who was against kids party favors. I am all for party treats but I can understand the reasoning of parents who think this trend has went to far. With the current economic situation, more and more parents will spend less on kids birthday parties. But with a little imagination and time, you can distribute inexpensive party treats.

+ My report of my day at the Balnea Spa with its ups and downs has lead several fans of the Balnea Spa to come to its defense. I want to reiterate my point of view: the staff is well trained on what is expected of them. But they failed on delivering a top notch service when it goes outside the treatments. Frankly, letting your guests move between the pavilions to get their treatments without an umbrella when it is pouring rain is not delivering on a top notch service. Read the story for the details.