Must Watch: Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

daniel tiger's neighborhood

I want to talk today about a spin-off series of the character from our own childhood, Mister Rogers. I discovered Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood on PBS Kids during the holiday season. Targeting preschoolers from 2 to 4 years old, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is an adorable TV series that teaches toddlers how to deal with their feelings. My son loves it! So do I!

The TV show depicts everyday events and situations in a realistic way. I assure you that young kids can relate to what is happening on the screen. Acquiring social-emotional skills and learning how to behave are as essential as knowing how to count or read. This is why I believe that every preschooler should watch Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.

Each episode explores a single theme through two short stories. The series explores various themes from stopping what you do for potty time to waiting at a restaurant or dealing with disappointments when a friend accidentally broke your toy. A catchy song teaches the toddler how to deal with the situation. The other morning, I woke up singing one of the songs. 😀

As a new parent, I added Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood to my educational toolkit. The lessons don’t have to stop with watching TV. I could further discuss an episode with my son, explore more ways to deal with a situation or refer to the show when a situation is happening for real.

In Canada, the TV show airs weekdays at 7 AM on CBC. Give it a try!

+ photo credits:  PBS and Angela Santomero, the series creator and executive producer

  • jennifer
    January 27, 2013 at 15:42

    i too love daniel tiger neighborhood, i have a 5 month old he watches it loves all the colors and enjoys the song my God kids also love watching the show they are 3 and 4. i encourage everyone with infants and toddlers to watch and sit and watch with them 🙂