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Watching the first episode of the third season of Take It Outside gave me the idea of a Moroccan outdoor dinner party.

I give a high mark at Kelly Deck for the way she divided that backyard. Eight people easily sit on her custom made bench. It would be cool to have the space to build one on my own backyard.

The Décor

Stock plenty of cushions on the sofa and lay down a few large round cushions so people can sit on them.

Create a vibrant tabletop full of jewel tones. Prefer the earthy feeling of ceramics. Mix mosaic patterns with solid plates and bowls. As you can see from the tea picture at the bottom, you can mix lots of rich hues.

If you cannot find any Moroccan inspired dishes, I propose you check out the Sausalito dinnerware collection. Despite its Mexican influence, the colors of the collection harmonize well with this theme.

Use the Green Garden Stool at Pier1 imports as a garden seat, a small end table, a plant stand or as a display table. Hanging several Moroccan style patio lanterns create the right atmosphere. Berber Company carries a nice selection in case you cannot find patio lanterns in your neighborhood.

The Food

I found the prefect menu on My Marrakesh. Chances are you already know about Maryam, an American blogger now living in Marrakesh. Maryam served this menu to a group of decorative artists visiting Peacock Pavilions, her family’s soon to be open boutique hotel in Marrakesh.

This typical Moroccan menu is simple to cook. More importantly, it sounds delicious. It is made of:

  • Fresh mint tea
  • A few salads as starter
  • Chicken tagine with artichoke hearts, olives from the garden, and freshly shucked peas
  • Moroccan couscous, made with seven vegetables and an onion-cinnamon concoction on top
  • Chilled watermelon for dessert

Her pictures give you practical clues on how you should present the food. I like the blue and white plates. The tea glasses look stunning.

Learn more: Nina and Al’s Outdoor Entertaining Lounge on Take It Outside
Buy online: Green Garden Stool at Pier 1 Imports – price: $99 USD
Buy online: Moroccan Patio Lantern at Berber Company – price:144 USD
Buy online: Sausalito Dinnerware collection at Pottery Barn – price: $32-$139 USD
Menu: Peacock Pavilions: And please have seconds…. [My Marrakesh]

  • Maryam in Marrakesh
    June 10, 2008 at 04:56

    eeek, so fun to see this here! Thank you for the shout out!!!

  • At Home with Kim Vallee
    June 10, 2008 at 23:53

    Inspiring Outdoor rooms and Lighting in Domino magazine

  • Linda Cohen
    October 14, 2008 at 11:19

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    Linda Cohen,

  • hafsa
    June 10, 2009 at 17:09

    Great ideas
    I am planning to throw an outdoor Moroccan Theme party for my husband for his birthday. I am looking for a manufacturer or a rental company that has Moroccan Tents, but i haven’t been able to come across any. All the companies i have came across are located in USA. I don’t know what to do since the party is only a month away. I would appreciate if you can help. Thanks