More IKEA Kitchens in Animation

ikea kitchens and tableware

Take a few minutes to relax. Have a look at the funny situations depicted in the animated movies done by IKEA.

The video showcased 5 different lifestyles and tastes. You explore ideas from the Greek alfresco family lifestyle to the urban singles, the suburban families, and the gay couples up to green conscious people. Although, I do not know what is eco-friendly about IKEA kitchens, besides the flat pack?

Tableware for Entertaining

Between each kitchen, you discover a few kitchenware and tableware items. If you are looking for Champagne flutes, you can choose between the SKIR mouth-blown flute with engraving or the very affordable SVALKA champagne flutes.

The SYNTES SKISS dinner plates are gorgeous. The series comes in 4 bowl sizes and 3 plate sizes.

You control the interface easily. You can go forward and backward at will and stop whenever you want. Try it, it is fun!

+ More IKEA Kitchens Video
+ SKIR Champagne flutes – $10.99 CAD for a 2 pack
+ SVALKA Champagne flutes – $6.99 CAD for a 6 pack
+ DINERA bowl in  lime green – $2 CAD
+ VICKNING white oven dish – $6.99 CAD
+ SYNTES SKISS dinner plate – $6 CAD
+ SYNTES KONST Deep plate – $4 CAD
+ ANRIK coffee/tea maker – $39.99 CAD
+ MOTTO bowl in beige – $0.75 CAD