Modern White Dinnerware by LSA International

luna and opla tableware :: Mola vases by lsa international

This UK glass and porcelain maker proposes a line of products that fits well into the casual modern entertaining lifestyle. By combining several pieces, you can easily reproduce the hip restaurant look at home.

What is great with LSA tableware is that you can serve cuisines from the World in their dishes. The key when buying an all white dinnerware is to put the emphasis on shapes. You need several interesting forms to add interests to your table.

I selected three collections: the Luna tableware, the Opal tableware and the Malo vases.

Luna incorporates bowls, serving platters and four sizes of plate. I really like the starter/dessert dish. Some suggest to harmonize Luna with the handmade Iona glassware series.

Opal is a 13-piece porcelain collection of bowls, teapot and cup. Opal’s design is characterized by a generous curve. There is also a Drinkware Opal collection that includes drinking glasses, jugs, tea light holder and vases.

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Buy online: Luna dinnerware by LSA at Ideal Forever – starts at £4.23
Buy online: Opal and Luna Tableware at – starts at £4

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