Modern Style Pools Fit For Entertaining

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I have a thing for square modern pools that are more on the Zen minimalist side. As you can see by looking at these pictures, you can create an elaborate pools with clean lines.

The first pool (1) is an ad from House of Lavande, the vintage jewelry shop. The pool is so hip! If you like fashion and jewelry, you must check their site.

The other pools are from the portfolio of two Canadian pool makers: Poolscape from Burlington, Ontario and Valley Pool & Spa from Kelowna, British Columbia.


The Altantic Edge (2) is the cliché vanishing edge pool done at the cottage. That pool features 12 foot tiled step and a natural style catch basin (viewable from the lake).

Orchard Beach (3) is a concrete pool with a tile interior. This pool has steps at three extremities. It shows that you can integrate a modern shape pool with a traditional house. Both styles get harmonized through the materials and finishes. This pool built in Oakville featured a Riverflow swim jet for swimming against the currents.

The raised desk is in fact the roof of the pool equipment bunker. I think it is a clever use of space. The raised pool wall creates an ideal spot for the two glass-walled waterfalls.

Valley Pool & Spa

This company built an impressive number of custom concrete pools. Many of their pools integrate one or many vanishing edges. Valley Pool & Spa used a cast-in-place-concrete process to create the pools of your dreams.

I do not dream of a huge pool. Picture # 5 represents the perfect size for me. I like the chic simplicity of that pool. But I prefer the glamour of pool # 4.

Features that are great for entertaining are in-pool bar stools (6), spas, and beach entrances. Placing the outdoor kitchen close to the pool (6) lets the cook mingle with the guests. Do not underestimate the power of lighting (4) to create a fabulous entertaining spot at night.

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  • Vintage Gal
    July 15, 2008 at 01:35

    My heart melts for modern style pools. I love doing different landscape. Huge pools are not my thing either. As long as it looks good and modern I’m all for it!