Modern festive decorations | 3 blogs and a mood board – 2007.11.26 edition

modern festive decorations for christmas

If you are into retro Scandinavian style, here are some clues on how to put on your holiday decorations. I even tossed in a touch of sophistication with the gorgeous sugar cookies.

1 | Purple Area

Lucky her! The interior designer behind Purple Area has the December 2007 issue of Living etc on her hand. I am still waiting for Multimags to receive it. It is terrible how long we have to wait for a UK magazine. You order Moo cards; they arrived in your mailbox 5 to 7 days later. A magazine takes 6 weeks! Go figure. And it seems that Purple Area is becoming a regular of my mood board.

These pictures from last year Christmas edition (thanks to Purple for the clarification) show that you do not have to rely on the typical colors to look like Christmas. The decorations are minimalist and colorful. The black rug is pretty cool for a party. It feels so comfy. You can find a similar one at Umbra Concept store in Toronto. Log walls are still hot this year.

2 | Poppy Talk

Another of my regular spotlight is Poppy Talk. From her online shop, the recycled fur & european wool christmas stockings by ouno design is a must for the style we are going for.

A hand-made revolution in modern interior décor is to upcycle from vintage materials. According to Wikipedia, upcycling is the transform waste materials into something of greater use and value.

That is what Vancouver based ouno design does. They look for simple, soft, natural, ancient, sensuous and mod 60s and 70s materials. In the tradition of West Coast Modernism, Ouno Design incorporates Scandinavian, Japanese and ancient design influences to bring warmth and natural texture to both modern and traditional decor. Their upscale handmade products are available in limited editions.

Every Saturday until December 22, 2007, their studio warehouse is open for shopping. Do not miss their reclaimed fur pillows to warm up your winter home décor. Their warehouse is located at:

ouno design
36 Keefer Street (4 blocks E. of Main, 2 blocks S. of Hastings)
Vancouver, BC
p 604.216.1103

3 | Rare Bird Finds

If you wish to make your own outstanding cookies, give you a head start with the Solid Copper Snowflake Cookie Cutters. The snowflake shapes are really refined.

For a stylish effect, reuse the white only ornament concept. So even if you do not have the patience to sculpt your cookies up to this extreme, your cookies will look one of a kind. If you know tricks for sculpting the inside of the cookies, please share them with us.

Buy online: recycled fur & european wool christmas stockings at poppy talk handmade – price: $39 CAD
Buy online: Divine Set Of Solid Copper Snowflake Cookie Cutters at Delight – price: $21.75 USD for a set of 3

  • Purple
    November 27, 2007 at 09:23

    Thanks for a very nice post, I am so happy you mention me. (But – the images are from last years issue – sorry sorry I didn’t mean to mislead you)