Modern chic greeting cards by Nila Aye for Beaumonde

chic and modern greeting cards designed by nila aye for beaumondeYesterday was my husband’s birthday. When we visited Toronto last week, I found this stylishly hip greeting card collection in a shop on Queen Street.

The minute I saw the romantic couple on the rug I knew I have to give it to his birthday. Just to prove how much I like it, I already bought him a cool couple greeting card the week before. Chut! (This is an exclamation in French that in this case refer to the fact that I said too much and I should keep it a secret).

Going back to the work of Nila Aye, her blank card collection for Beaumonde addresses over a dozen of occasions. The look spins around a fashionable and fun party mood. These cards are designed with the urban crowd in mind.

Nila Aye created nice illustrations that celebrate a Happy birthday, a new born, a new home, an engagement or a wedding. The Get Well Soon, Good Luck and Congratulations models are amazing.

About the card illustrator

Nila Aye was born in Burma in 1972. She moved with her family to England in 1975. Each one of her stylishly chic cards feature a silver foil detail that add something out of the ordinary. The cards are printed on high quality board and they come with a premium color envelop.

An ode to the blank cards

Whenever you want to send a card to someone, try to opt for blank cards. People appreciate blank cards more because you must make an effort to write your message. In this email and Web epoch, this is something that people value very much. With Nila’s cards you get a cool look and the personal touch.

get well card and good luck card by nila aye for beaumonde

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  • Bhavna
    October 18, 2007 at 21:24

    Such beautiful and chic cards! I agree with what you said about blank cards…a personal handwritten note means so much more..