Modern Cat Beds by Hepper Are Fitted for Small Dogs

pod and podium cat bed : wave : nest dog bed by hepper pet furnitureModern Furniture That’ll Make You Jealous is Hepper’s punch line. I do not always agree with marketing slogan but in this case it is true. The beautiful room pictures illustrate that this hip pet furniture line would not clash with your home design.

I discovered Hepper last fall if I remembered correctly. If you are living with cats or a tiny dog, check out their catalogue. The cats and dog beds are available in wide range of beautiful colors. You should find one that will harmonize with your home decor.

Cool Cat Beds

Several models are proposed to fit your pet lifestyle and its preferred lounge style. Originally designed for cats, the line can be used for smaller dogs (up to 50 pounds for some models). Knowing my cats, they would enjoy these beds.

And you would not to break the bank to buy some Hepper’s pet furniture either. It costs more than the mass manufacturer ugly stuff at the pet shops. But it is but a fraction of the price of the luxury RONDO Stand by Cat Interiors.

I am on the market for a raised bed right now. My friend bought a rattan version at IKEA, his cat loves it but I want something more design. I think I found it with the Pod and the Podium. The top of the Pod is removable. In fact, the Podium is a Pod without the top. Strangely, the Podium is available in 2 more colors than the Pod. Racetrack graphite and herringbone are the two extra colors.

I like the cocooning vibe of the Nest. I imagine me moving around my cat without disturbing its sleep. The hammock style Wave Pet Bed is better suited for larger cats. If you own more than one cat, they can sleep together on the Wave bed.

Where to Buy?

Hepper operates an online store. It is unfortunate their online shop do not deliver to Canada. Especially that Vermont is so close.

Design Public also sells the Hepper cat beds with USA delivery only. Muttropolis will ship internationally but they only have the Wave and the Nest on stock. It is the Pod or the Podium that I want. If you know a Canadian retailer that carries Hepper cat furniture, I want to be informed.

About Hepper

Award-winning industrial designer Jed Crystal designed the Hepper line in his studios in Burlington, Vermont. The company is named after a cat she adopted and then nicknamed Hepper. The stylish appeal of Audrey Hepburn that I talked about yesterday on the beauty challenge continue; Hepper is short for Hepburn.

+ Hepper Pod Cat Bed – price: $155 USD
+ Hepper Podium Cat Bed – price: $115 USD
+ Hepper Nest Cad Bed – price: $95 USD
+ Hepper Wave Cat Bed – price: $85 USD

  • mrs s baker
    March 31, 2010 at 05:47

    Do you supply Hepper Wave beds for cats to any pet shops in England? I live in Plymouth,Devon,England.

    • At Home with Kim Vallee
      March 31, 2010 at 12:03

      Mrs. S Baker, Look at the link at the bottom of my post. Hepper ships worldwide.