Mistystix for a Fog-like Effect

mistystix for a fog effect in your drinks

mistystix for a fog effect in your drinks

Although they are targeting bars, hotels and caterers, many will care to know about Mistystix. You could buy a pack if you are planning a milestone birthday party or a wedding. You will be able to reuse them for all your Halloween parties.

Mistystix are dryice swizzle sticks that safely create a misty fog effect in beverages. You insert the dry ice inside a capsule, which means that people will not be able to touch the dry ice. In theory, you only have to worry about who do the service; make sure that the servers know how to handle dry ice.

They also thought about functionality. The sticks have a small hook to sit neatly of the glass rim. It seems like a great idea. Watch this video to see a demonstration. Mistystix is sold in a pack of black and white sticks or in an assorted color kit.

+ Mistystix $200 CAD for pack of 250
+ via Marianik