Minimize your environmental footprint with a green party

Them Concept :: eco-friendly event planner and designer

The largest party season after the wedding season is about to begin. It is never too late to infuse green elements to your Corporate Holiday party or any other business events.

Even if my track is home parties, I wish to speak about eco-friendly corporate events today. The reason is simple; a corporate event usually produces more waste than your average birthday party.

Your place at work probably organizes several events every year. Some of you participate in the organization of the social parties at work or you may organize several business meetings. In any case, you can spread the words at the office.

Introducing Them Concept

The concerns for the environment gave birth to a new breed of event planners and designers. In Montreal, Them Concept was born last August. Them is a creative event planning studio with an environmental approach.

Halo 3 launch : Nathalie and Johanne surrounding Master Chief

With their advices and expertise, you will be able to host a carbon-free event. If they can pull it off for the launch of Halo 3 in Montreal, they can do it for your Christmas party or your golf tournament.

Two talented women are behind Them Concept. This pair does not waste resources because their skills are complimentary. Johanne Fondrouge is in charge of organizing and handling the budget while Nathalie Gendron is the creative mastermind. They will show you that you do not have to sacrifice style to host a tree hugger party.

Do not worry; I will address in this column how you can do your part at home? So stay tuned next week for more eco-chic party news.

Learn more: Web site of Them Concept

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