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Fun and Funky Medical Alert Bracelets for Girls and Boys

medical alert jewelry for girls

medical alert jewelry for girls
sourcing: Fruit Punch Medical ID Bracelet $49.95 | Tropics Stainless Steel Medical ID Cuff $39.95 at Lauren’s Hope

I bet that you will not to fight with your kids to wear their medical alert bracelet if their bracelet looks like that. I think that it is a brilliant idea to have access to fun designs. The selection goes from silicone alert bands to stainless steel or leather bracelets or dog tags for boys. The selections get bigger for girls with the addition of fun and funky models. You won’t have to be jealous of your kids, Lauren’s Hope carries them in adult sizes.

medical id bracelet for boys

Parents of active kids who do many sport activities, you will appreciate that they are waterproof and durable. There is also a vast collection of necklace for kids with allergy and In Case of Emergency necklaces.

Medical alert jewelry is something that I now care about. My son has a stent. I need to carry a card with me to be shown to doctors and dentists that would treat him. Even if most of the times that medical information is irrelevant, you never know when it will. He is still too young to wear a bracelet or a necklace but when it will get older I would certainly revisit Lauren’s Hope to pick a bracelet that suits his style.

  • kalanicut
    November 27, 2012 at 14:31

    These are great! I want one. Thanks for sharing. This seems like it would totally change how kids feel about wearing something that probably felt like a stigma before into something really cool.

    • Kim
      November 27, 2012 at 14:34

      I agree with you, Kalani. Thanks for commenting and send me a picture of the model that you picked.