Meaningful Kitchen Wall Decals by Hommu

dishes by wall decals

dishes by wall decals

The Spanish-brand Hommu specializes in fun wall decals and wallpapers. I particularly like their kitchen recyclable vinyls that you can apply on walls or cupboards.

cutlery vinyl decals by hommu

A nice practical touch it is that you can use it to identify what behind the doors or drawers. Every set from the “shelf” collection is modular, which means you can divide to create several vignettes or combine the pieces to fit the space you have.

coffee and glassware wall decals

Your friends will not have any more problem to find where you put your cups, glasses, coffee pot or bar ware.

cocktail bar ware wall decals

Or you could display a Spanish recipe, like the gazpacho. A unique element are the ingredient illustrations. The gazpacho set is available in four colors.

gazpacho recipe wall decals

Stay tuned as I will share my fabulous wallpapers for kids from another Spanish brand this weekend.

+ Dishes recyclable  vinyl decals 45 €
+ Cutlery decals on recyclable vinyl decals 45 €
+ Coffee decals recyclable vinyl decals 45 €
+ Cocktails vinyl decals 45 €
+ Gaspacho recipe on recyclable vinyl 110 €

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