Max Brenner’s Specialty Cups for Hot Chocolate

There are two shops of Max Brenner in New York City. The place looks pretty cool.

max brenner hug mug for hot chocolate

The signature Hug Mug at Max Brenner is ideal to drink hot chocolate because you hold the cup from both sides. This enables the liquid to stay warmer. I want those cute cups shaped as a cacao bean.

suckao at max brenner

The Suckao at Max Brenner is an experience in itself. Max Brenner defines the Suckao as a concentrated shot of rich chocolate.

You prepare and drink it your suckao from the same cup. You made it yourself and decide the proportion of chocolate versus milk. The Suckao cup comes with a special spoon and a tea light candle. I want a pair.

I did not find the milk jar on the site but they are pretty. The milk jar may have change since this model dated from 2005 and the picture was taken in an Australian shop of Max Brenner.

+ Hug Mug by Max Brenner $8.90 USD for the mug and saucer
+ Suckao by Max Brenner $15.50 USD
+ Locations of Max Brenner
+ Image of suckao setup by selenachoi on Webshots

  • Nathalie Rivard
    February 16, 2009 at 19:19

    Hey, I recognize my two hug mugs and my suckao. I bought those about 5 years ago and they are great!!!! I also got the hot chocolate maker. They were selling them all at Le Cartet and I could not resist.

    Ask me for a hot chocolate next time you come here, and I will be pleased to make you one so you can test drive them! 😉