Matching the Cookbooks to Your Lifestyle

anna and kristina's grocery bag on W network

This morning as I ate breakfast and did my morning house cleaning, I watched an old episode of Anna and Kristina’s Grocery Bag. They tested recipes from Cookie with Jamie cookbook. I own this book and love it. Anna and Kristina also gave their seal of approval to Jamie’s book.

This made me think about what to look for in a cookbook. I assume that you have a busy lifestyle. Your husband or your kids may give you a hand from time to time, but typically you are alone preparing the meal. This is how it is at my home.

Keep It Simple

History thought me to stay away from cookbooks by Chef restaurateurs. I own a few but never made one recipe from these cookbooks. The Chefs say it is simple but their recipes often involve too many steps. I like recipes that are not long to prepare. It fits my lifestyle.

vegeterian food for friends by jane noraika

For stress-free entertaining, it is best to be familiar with the recipes or at least to have tried before a few recipes from the cookbook. These facts enable you to adapt the recipes to your personal taste with an excellent chance of success.

Appealing Food Plates

inside view at the vegeterian food for friends cookbook

How you present the food is as important as the taste. You will find eye-catching recipes on Vegetarian Food with Friends. I did not try any recipes but the cookbook inspires me with well-presented colorful dishes.

+ Vegetarian Food for Friends by Jane Noraika on sale at $12.95 USD at Crate and Barrel
+ I wrote: Making the Asparagus Risotto from Cookie with Jamie

  • Sabina
    February 7, 2009 at 21:26

    Ina Garten has wonderful cookbooks – I’ve thought about trying Cookie with Jamie but I haven’t as of yet. I’m always trying out new recipes and have 5 kids to try them on! They are tough critics!! When it comes to entertaining I have to feel confident and prepared otherwise stress can take over and spoil the event. Beautiful presentaions of very simple foods have given me the best results!

    Have a great weekend Kim!!