Martha Stewart’s Centerpieces for Easter

martha stewart\'s centerpieces and floral table runners for easter

I selected four simple centerpieces that you can easily do at home. They each carry a sense of Spring.

1. Calla Lillies

Insert two or more calla lilies in a floral frog (pin frog). You will need florist clay to affix the floral frog to the bowl or cups. This look is very elegant. Cover the top with candies, marbles or artificial green moss to hide the pin frog.

2. Tulips and Daffodils in a Nest

You can either learn how to make a branch nest or buy one at a store. Florists, art and crafts stores or even home décor stores carry them at this time of the year. You can reproduce this look with cut flowers or flowers in pots.

Your tulips and daffodils in a nest arrangement will feel more modern if you cluster tulips beside a handful of daffodils.

I would be curious what it looks like if you cut the flowers all at the same height. You could try to keep together with rows of strings. If you make the arrangement a day or two in advance, remember that cut tulips continue to grow a little bit.

3. Spring Flowers

Delicately highlight pink lilies of the valley, species tulips, grape hyacinths, narcissus, violets, pansies, bleeding-heart leaves, and other small wonders in eggcups and similar shape vases on a teacup saucer. The Spring Flowers come from Martha Stewart Living April 2009

4. Wheat Grass Centerpiece

Here is something to catch the attention of kids. The Wheat Grass Centerpiece could act as a table runner if you plant the wheat seeds in a trough. Or you may use a rectangular dish as a container the wheat grass. If you use a cookie sheet, affix a ribbon around the sides.

As you will insert the cut flowers in water picks make sure the depth of your container is at least 3 inches, maybe more depending on the water picks you will use. Decorate with Easter eggs and animals.

+ Pin frog, Floral frog $2.99 USD for the 1 1/4-inch
+ Floral clay $2.39 for 15 oz
+ Panacea Water Picks (3½”) 24 for $1.88
+ Bag of Green Moss $5.69 for 6 to 7 ounces

  • Connie
    April 4, 2009 at 13:01

    I may try the tulips in a nest – it’s GORGEOUS! I planted 300 tulip bulbs that should flower this year (we’ll see how many are left after the animals munch on them).

    Love it!