Make Room for the Travelling Whisky Bar

travelling whisky rooms by monkey shoulder

What do you do once you already hosted all the tasting parties that you can think of? If you live in the UK, you can hire the well-know whisky sommelier Jamie Forbes for a night of whisky tasting and tutorial.

What it is?

The hip brand Monkey Shoulder targets customers who would not typically drink whisky. Their niche is the cool, liberal mind crowd. They recently launched their latest marketing tool in the form of an exclusive party event.

Travelling Whisky Rooms feature a chic burnt oak mobile bar created by the British cabinet maker Paul Kelley. A minimalist design that becomes more beautiful once opened. Your master of ceremony is a well-known whisky sommelier in London named Jamie Forbes.

Travelling Whisky Rooms deliver to discerning people a unique party experience in the comfort of their home. You and up to 14 of your guests can taste 5 different whiskies from Scotland. The night cumulates with a few whisky based cocktails. And if you do not like whisky,

Starting at 750 £, hopefully the night will be an event that your guests will remember for a while. If they do not, you can always find a discreet way to let them know they experience something very exclusive.

Make your own whisky tasting party

Since we live in North America, we can only try to replicate the concept. Stock five upscale whiskies, educate yourself about their taste, and hire a knowledgeable bartender for the night that will create a couple of signature concoctions for your event.

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