Make a lasting impression with the artistic floral creations of Blume

Chocolate and Flowers by Blume

Flowers play a huge role in any distinctive event. To impress these days, a sure bet is to take the artistic road.

We are lucky in Montreal to have several innovative floral shops. The most impressive that I have seen so far is certainly Blume, a shop located on the trendy Saint-Laurent Street. They fashion sculptural floral arrangements.

I spoke on the phone to the owner and art director Mario Godin. He is a talented man and he is pleasant to talk to. After our conservation, I am ever more thrilled about his shop.

My husband’s birthday is coming up this month. It is not hard to imagine where I will pick my flowers.

Take a peek at the new Chocolate & Flowers collection

This year, Blume proposed a new concept for corporate centerpieces for the Holidays. What is so special is the creative Zen union of chocolate and flowers. It is nothing like you have seen before.

All the bases and framed decoration (yes even the base) are custom made chocolate pieces done by a master chocolate maker. For that reason, you need to order at least 10 units five to ten days in advance. Budget $50 to $150 a piece. I think it is worth every penny if you consider that you get one-a-kind centerpieces that are labor intensive.

More like an art form

The green apple and Calla lily centerpieces certainly made a lasting impression on a ballroom. Those would draw attention to the tabletops at a formal private dinner or a chic fundraising event. There were designed originally for a wedding.

This shape fits not only for dinner table. High and tall floral arrangements with a wider base act as separators on a long buffet table.

Hosting a party at Blume

One particularly is that you can rent Blume’s space for a cocktail party after their usual business hours (i.e. after 5 pm). Imagine hosting a cocktail party in a place where you can see tons of striking vegetation in the background.

One particularly is that you can rent Blume's space for a cocktail party after their usual business hours (i.e. after 5 pm). Imagine hosting a cocktail party in a place where you can see tons of striking vegetation in the background. bar and store window at Blume

Renting their space was not an afterthought. Once they designed their work bench, they planned it so it can easily be turned into a splendid bar. To give you an idea of the level of details, the hole in the middle that hold water during the day transforms into an ice bucket at the party. How cool is that!

If you are interested, you can rent Blume’s space for $1500 CAD. You can select your vases from probably the largest collections in town for a florist. Their space is large enough to hold 60 guests for a sitting dinner or about 80 persons for a cocktail party. Weddings, fashion shows and other parties already selected Blume for their events.

The place to go for events of all sizes

Blume also works on small events. They will gladly serve you if you are throwing a simple dinner party at home and stop by their boutique for your flowers. When I received friends at home for a dinner party I do not decorate. But I make sure to place 2 or 3 stunning centerpieces on my table. This festive touch says to your friends that you appreciate their presence.

Learn more: Web site of Blume, le savoir-fleur – there is not a lot of text, so glimpse at the pictures on the French version

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  • Purple
    October 4, 2007 at 14:32

    Great decorations, especially the first images. Really beautiful.

  • Jennifer Mitchell
    October 6, 2007 at 19:22

    These are beautiful designs. Flower arranging is such an art unto itself. I wish we had something like this in Detroit.