Magisso Kitchen Cloth Holder | My Best Find at ISD 09


Storing our kitchen cloth under the sink is not very practical. When we are cooking or cleaning in the kitchen, we need to keep the kitchen cloth at reach. This cool Finnish product enables us to keep the cloth at reach while hiding it from sight.

Miika Mansikkamaa designed the magnetic kitchen cloth holder. It is sold in Finland since 2006. I had the chance to chat with Miika at the IDS about his invention.

 Miika Mansikkamaa and Kim Vallee

How it works

It installs anywhere on the side of any kitchen sink within seconds. The holder is held in place with magnets; no tools or fixed fixtures are necessary. The handle goes on the side that suits you.

I installed mine and I love it. It takes less than 10 seconds to install. In fact, it is longer to watch the installation video. The magnet is so strong that there is no need to remove the 3M sticky cap. This way, you can change where the position at will.

The handle comes in two finishes: a plastic handle or the chic stainless steel handle. Magisso is looking for retailers and distributor in Canada. With the strong positive reaction they receive from IDS visitors, it should not take long.

I suspect this will become one of the hottest housewarming and hostess gifts pretty soon.

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  • Bettina
    February 9, 2009 at 16:17

    That’s a genius idea! I hope Miika will find distribution in Canada soon, I’m very tired of seeing my squishy J-cloth dripping over the side of my sink.

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