Magazines take on how to set up a gift wrapping station in a craft room

The gift or order on Canadian House and Home october 2007

After the craft room, the ultimate luxury is a gift wrapping room. I shared the feeling. I used to wrap gifts for my business. So I am well aware of the needs to quickly wrap gifts with a stunning look.

I saw two stories on magazines about this topic lately. In its October issue, Canadian House & Home talks about less stressful and simpler it is when you got everything on hand.

Martha Stewart Living shows something more elaborate, in the typical Martha way. What I like about Martha’s craft room is that the design makes good use of the attic space.

Canadian House and Home gives tips that anybody can do in their own house or apartment. I mixed my own views for the best tips and tricks on how to live enjoyable gift wrapping sessions.

1 | Make a reserve of wrapping supplies

The first rule is to keep coordinated supplies on stock. Having several paper rolls, tissue papers, ribbons, bows, gifts bags, gift tags and greeting cards eliminate the need to rush to the store ever time you want to give a gift.

Look in your area; I know that some gift wrapping distributors have a shop where companies and sometimes individuals can buy wholesale their products. There is often a minimum $100 order. But you can create your own signature gift wrap. By mixing ribbon colors and sizes, you craft several versions of your look. They can even teach you how to make your own bows out of ribbons.

Do not neglect embellishments. I like to enhance the look with decorative fruits, leaves, tiny ornaments beads or charms. Keep several style of strings and rolls of colorful raffia ribbons that you mix with or use instead of fabric ribbons.

2 | Best storage solutions for gift wrap and tissue

craft room by Martha Stewart Living : den cabinet by Sarah Richardson

You can slide rolls of gift wrap and sheets onto wall-mounted curtain rods or dowels. An umbrella stand or a high basket neatly contains gift wrap rolls. A retractable long shelf or a drawer can keep them flat. You can design several low rises on a cabinet; one for each occasion or paper style.

Tissue paper even more than wrapping paper will benefit from laying flat. I always try to plan a flat surface for them. Use cartons to separate the colors and easily grab the ones you need.

3 | The art of dividing

You can see that both styles of cabinets put a lot of emphasis in diving large shelves and drawers so everything is well-organized. You can buy systems or ask a carpenter to create the separators.

You do not need to go custom build if your budget does not allow it. I have seen great results with a readymade cabinet. Just personalize the interiors to meet your needs. The one I am showing you what taken from an episode of Sarah’s House TV show.

Read the two magazines for more tips. I hope these beautiful pictures inspired you to make your own gift wrapping station, whether is it in a linen closet, a bookcase or a whole room.

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Learn more: A creative refuge published on Martha Living Issue – September 2007 issue and online
Learn more: Den and Home Office from Sarah’s House on HGTV.ca

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  • Purple
    September 13, 2007 at 17:38

    It looks really nice and neat, but you have to have a lot of gifts to wrap if you need a whole room for it.

  • At Home with kim vallee
    September 15, 2007 at 20:08

    Purple: you are right, a room is a luxury.

    On the other end, every month, if not week, you wrap a few gifts. At each instance, most likely you gather your supplies that are usually spread around the house or not organized. What I suggested basically is setting a storage space (a couple of shelves in a closet will do) where everything you need for gift wrapping is neatly stored and easily accessible. You will see if you wish for more. Now that I had a taste of it, I know I do.

  • at home with kim vallee
    October 8, 2007 at 13:25

    A quick guide to an art and craft station for boys and girls

  • Mary Jane
    November 15, 2007 at 13:47

    I have an area for a gift wrapping room. I need art work for this area to define the space and show that this is the purpose. Where can I find art work that has gift wrapping room on it or something like this? Please email me.

  • christie
    August 31, 2008 at 00:38

    These are excellent ideas. Please feature more about gift wrapping.I am really big on elaborate wrapping.