Mad Hatter Tea Party for Moms and Kids

Mad Hatter tea Party for Moms and Kids

I found these pictures online on the Web site of Hallmark Magazine. You can throw an Alice in Wonderland Style tea party in a large backyard or rent a section of a city park.

The Tabletop

Create a long table with folding plastic table. The design calls for quirky elements. It looks even better with disparate chairs. Mix painted wooden chairs with garden chairs. Get a throne for Alice. Here, they use a wing-backed living room chair. You can use mismatched tableware.

Head to the flea market and find the classic style tea cup and teapots. Or ask a few friends, to bring their own set. You can borrow from the grandma style.

Having Fun

Organize some Alice in Wonderland inspired activities. A hat decoration craft session can be more for kids and moms. Ask the kids to read the book before the event. Then, put together a friendly book reading competition like a game show quiz with small prizes to the winners.

The Art of Making Tea

Count 3 to 4 guests per regular size teapot. You can serve a couple tea blends, if you wish to. It is time to stop at the tea house to get your tea. Opt for loose tea leaves. If you wish to follow the proper tea making technique, ask the tea house to write down the recommended water temperature and the number of minutes you need to infuse the tea blends you selected.

Remember that you must warm the teapot with hot water before making each run of tea. You should discard the water you used to warm the teapot.

On the menu

Stop at the bakery for freshly made bread. Tea party sandwiches are usually of triangular shaped, crust-less and made with thinly sliced bread.

Prepare tea sandwiches with flavored cream cheese and cucumber slices. Aim for two to three tea sandwich flavors. Making your own flavored cream cheese is fast and easy. Simply add finely minced garlic, freshly grounded pepper or spicy mustard with chopped fresh herbs or diced sun-dried tomatoes to 8 ounces of cream cheese. Adjust the quantity to taste. Smoked salmon and caper triangles are a favorite of mine. Chatelaine published twenty perfect tea party recipes.

Serve fresh baked scones or crumpets with homemade jams. Go whimsical by decorating cooking with King or Queen of Hearts illustrations.

You can do variations on the Mad Hatter tea party theme to create a lady like bridal shower party or a creative baby shower party.

+Top and Bottom rows: Images from Hallmark magazine
+ Alice in Wonderland Tea Set by Shinzi Katoh – $32 USD
+ Grain De Couleur Couverts Tea Towel Fork – $39 USD

  • Deena Canup
    April 7, 2009 at 12:48

    Does anyone have an actual copy of the Hallmark Magazine article? The magazine is out of publication and archives are no longer available on the website. You can fax to me or email the article. Thank you.