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Luxurious Tools for Living Gift Ideas

dwr:tools for living :: petanque set :: cedar sake bottle and cups :: adonde serving ware

In 2007, Design Within Reach started the Tools for Living line. It seems only natural to open new stores to serve that market.

Last May, Design Within Reach announced the opening in fall 2008, a Tools for Living store in SOHO, New York and another store in Santa Monica; two places I visited last winter.

If you are looking for out of the ordinary gift ideas, DWR:Tools for Living is a great place to start. I compiled a wish list with a hint of exotic. The Japanese modern culture mixed with the charms of Europe.

Garden Game

I bought a petanque set this summer but it is not as stylish as the Akiko teak petanque set. In fact, we still look for a better container to transport the boules. Here, the old-fashioned teak box elevates the game.

The Akiko petanque set is not French at all since it came out of the collaborative work of Danish designer Hans Thyge and Japanese Akiko Kuwahata, who now lives in Denmark.

For a upscale children toy, look at the woven rattan ball and cypress wood pins as a charming bowling set. Adults can display the set in a vignette.

Water Bottle

With the trends towards serving tab water in a pitcher instead of bottled water, go for the picturesque Italian Glass Water Bottle. I must confess that I still order bottled water in restaurants and serve it at home because I prefer sparkling water. But I served tap water instead of flat bottled water.

Since the Italian glass water bottle holds one liter of liquid, I will buy a second one to store my milk. Milk is colder when it is on a glass jar.

Stoneware and Wood Serving Ware

I became a fan of cold sake this winter. Designer Shunji Kurimori succeed in creating a bentwood low-conduction vessel that keeps cold sake cool, hot sake warm. The design of the Cedar Sake bottle is pretty interesting too.

Adónde is an sophisticated serving ware collection. It is basically an the stoneware assortment of different sized cylinders. Stoneware is a practical material since it is dishwasher, oven and microwave safe.

Sleek Ice Bucket

From spring flowers to champagne chilling, many uses applies to this 16-quart bucket. Graduated marked are imprinted inside the Stainless Steel Bucket.

+ Akiko Teak Petanque Set – price: $200 USD
+ Akiko Petanque at Skagerak Denmark – price: £79
+ Italian Glass Water Bottle – price: $10 USD
+ Cedar Sake Bottle and Cups – $85 USD for 2 cups, $140 for sake bottle
+ Adónde Appetizer Picks – price: $25 for 6
+ Adónde Olive Bowl – price: $15 USD
+ Adónde Dessert Spoons – price: $25 for 4
+ Stainless Steel Bucket – price: $80 USD
+ Bowling Set for kids – price: $100 USD