Love the Kay Dinnerware Collection by Working Class Studio

Kay outdoor dining collection by working class studio

If you are looking for fun and modern melamine dinnerware for your next picnic or barbecue that you can use all year long for cocktail parties, take a look at the Kay collection from the Working Class Studio.

Kay Wolfersperger designed a complete outdoor dining collection with salad plates, dinner plates, charger plates, bowls and tumbler glasses. Each element features their own geometric patterns. I enjoy the fact that you customize the look by opting to get all the pieces in one color or in an array of colors. There is an infinite way, matter of speaking, that you could  mix and match them. This unisex and cheerful collection is dishwasher safe but do not put it on the microwave.

Working Class Studio is the product development arm of the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). SCAD created this division to give students real world experience designing and marketing home accessories and lifestyle products. Getting these products is a way to encourage young talents to flourish more.

+ Working Class Studio Kay Collection Bowl $8 each at Velocity Art and Design
+ Working Class Studio Kay Collection Salad Plates $8 each
+ Working Class Studio Kay Collection Charger $14 each
+ Kay Collection Tumbler $4 each