Liven Up my Terrace with Flowers and Cooking Herbs

flowers and cooking herbs on my terrace

Today, my husband and I went to the farmers’ market to get our flowers and cooking herbs. For me, my terrace is not ready for summer until I put plants on my garden pots. I opted for low maintenance flowers: marine blue Riviera, white Diamond Frost Eurorbia. I did not keep the tag for the yellow flowers. On each side of the step between decks, I simply put a purple fountain grass.

planting on my terrace

Cooking herbs are acclimated to the arid sunny Mediterranean climate. This means that do not require a daily watering. In fact, you are best to wait until the soil is pretty dried before watering them. Use a soil that drains well.

What are my Must-Have Cooking Herbs?

Wait until the last minute to cut the herbs. I promise you that will taste the difference especially if you are preparing a salad.

winter thyme

Thyme: The most exquisite is the lemon thyme. It smells like lemon. Most leaves are yellow but you will get green ones once in a while. For times where the citrus flavor will not be desirable, I bought a big bunch of winter thyme.

Parsley: I always both kinds: the curly leaf parsley and the flat parsley.

Rosemary: I love this herb. You can use rosemary sprigs as a skewer for cooking on the barbecue.

Chives: Super easy to grow. The plant can withstand several winters in a pot. For that reason, do not remove it from your pot this fall.

Sage: I buy the green one.

Moroccan Mint: Perfect to prepare mojitos this summer.

My other favorite herbs are basil, origano and summer savory when I can find it. Otherwise, I will buy winter savory.

  • silvina
    June 9, 2009 at 12:44

    Hi! I´m an interior stylist from Buenos Aires and just discovered your blog! Very inspiring photographs and posts! I´ll be back soon! cheers!