Lit your home with Havana or Capri by Jonathan Alder

Havana and Capri :: 2009 lighting collection by jonathan alder

The few items of the latest collection of Jonathan Alder caught my attention. Let’s start with lighting. Contrary to lots of designers, I restrain the recessed lights to the bare minimum in my decors. I prefer to display gorgeous lamps for their decorative and functional input. The latest lighting collection by Jonathan Alder allows you to do it at a really reasonable price.

If you are looking for an industrial lamp with a feminine side, look no further than Havana. When I look at the single light Havana, I almost see a hanging dress. I love it! It is a uniquely shaped task fixture. Available with one or three lights, the Havana pendant is designed for an art and craft studio, to lit the kitchen island or to hang low over the dining table. A table lamp and a floor lamp complete the series.

Capri is an entire lighting collection with two lamps and two pendants. Each Capri light is made of colored glass with polished nickel accents. The hardest thing is to decide which one you like the best between the Capri Teardrop lamp, the Capri genie or the Bottle Pendant or lamp. You do not have too since you could very well mixed the three models in a same room. They are available in blue, green, orange, white and gray.

+ Havana Pendant with three lights $450 USD
+ Havana Pendant $195 USD
+ Capri Teardrop Lamp $275 USD
+ Capri Genie Pendant $195 USD
+ Capri Bottle Pendant $195 USD
+ Capri Bottle Lamp $275 USD