Let the art of Paula Scaletta set the tone of your party

Paula Scaletta's coasters and paper napkins

The eco-friendly girl in me relies most of the time on linen napkins at dinner party. But I still stock some paper napkins because their drawings add an instant impact to the table.

Develop your theme from the paper napkins

If you do not know what theme to use for an event, a simple trick is to get your inspiration from the illustrations on paper napkins. From there, develop your theme by accentuating key elements.

The best way to reduce the stress of impromptu entertaining is to be prepared. Opt for motifs that create an instant mood. The jewels of paper napkins are usually found at your local specialized boutiques or the Web.

When you see one motif that really grabs your attention, think how it can fit with your dinnerware. If you can imagine a look, buy right away a pack or two. This way, you can quickly design a stunning table all the time. Build also a reserve of cocktail napkins.

A charming French baker theme

I feel romantic and definitely French these days. Yesterday, I bought Petits fours when I was in Sutton. I also felt in love with the utensils on Dinner at Eight.

Paula Scaletta is the artist behind Petits fours. I dig for more of her creations on the Web. I found that you can get affordable art prints, coasters and paper napkins with her drawings.

A stunning collection of Botticino decorative tile coasters designed by artist Paula Scaletta are available via Studio Vertu. I did not find a specific retailer.

A quick tip of how to mix and match

The coasters and the two napkins I selected complement each other. When you try to mix and match decorative items, start with items that share a common atmosphere. Look at commonalities between the epoch and the art techniques. Target a harmonizing color palette since it often looks more refined.

Learn more: The Paula Scaletta Coaster Collection by Studio Vertu
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