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Lessons in Modern Architecture by Isay Weinfeld

brazilian modern architecture houses by isay weinfeld

The best architects and interior designers think outside the box to make their houses amazing. If you are planning a major home renovation, explore different options for your space planning before committing to a plan. Too many people rush to the construction part before resolving all the design issues. This is the main reason why renovations cost way more than the initial budget.

Before you approve the final plans of your house, take cues from these two modern design houses designed by a Brazilian architect studio called Isay Weinfeld. Except for the spiral staircase, these solutions could be implemented on a limited budget with a creative use of materials.

Open Wall

outdoor dining room for the brasilia\'s house by isay weinfeld

First, look at this amazing backyard of the Brasilia’s house. The spiral staircase to the terrace adds drama and elegance. The open window on the outside dining room is clever for three reasons:

  1. it opens the view to the water
  2. it eliminates the crowded effect that guests could have feel sitting next to the wall
  3. they achieved all that while sheltering the people  from the sun.

Furniture As Partition

bookcase partition :: isay weinfeld sumare house

Designed first years later in 2007, the Sumaré house illustrates how furniture can serve as a wall partition. The open bookcase allows the light to pass through the house but you still have the clear feeling of a typical corridor.

The bookcase partition design idea would nicely separate a living room from the entryway. In a bungalow, why not separate the private sections of the house (bedrooms, private bathrooms, home office) from the public areas (kitchen, dining room and living room) this way?

+ Brasilia’s house photographed by Leonardo Finotti
+ Isay Weinfeld
+ Via Blue Ant Studio

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