Le Grand Pesto, Tapenade and cold-pressed Sauces

maison le grand pesto sauces and tapenades

I am glad to introduce a delicious food product from Montreal that is sold in Canada and in the United States. These sauces are a time saver.

You can read on Every Day with Rachel Ray magazine a praise that says the pesto, tapenades and cold-processed sauces from this artisan shop in Montreal taste like they came out from the food processor. You cannot asked for more.

Their Story

La Maison Le Grand was founded by Bernard Le Grand and Tatiana Bossy, a couple in real life. Bernard developed the recipes. Tatiana did the promotion to convinced retailers to buy their their 8 cold-processed sauces.

I would like to have a tasting but friends who did told me it is exquisite. A small batch production made from the fresher ingredients generates their home made taste.

A girl friend recommends the Sesame & Pink Peppercorn sauce on beef carpaccio. I am leaving you with two simple recipes from their blog. Make these one-side grilled cheese sandwiches at lunch with a soup, for a quick afternoon snack or to serve as appetizers with a drink.

one-side grilled cheese sandwiches

+ Grand Grill Cheese with Goat’s cheese and 4 Nuts & Cheese Pesto
+ Grand Grill Cheese with Red Peppers & Garden Pesto

+ Le Grand cold-processed pesto, tapenades and sauces
+ Grocers list where to buy – less than $7 per package

  • Sophie
    January 30, 2009 at 11:43

    J’adore ce pesto, c’est le meilleur! Je suis contente qu’il reçoive une telle reconnaissance!

  • bernard
    April 27, 2009 at 20:28

    On est encore en 2009 alors excusez la réponse tardive… Notre petite équipe est honorée d’être mentionnée parmi tant de produit de qualité, ça nous motive à continuer notre travail!
    Longue vie @ Home! Bernard Le Grand