Le Canard Libéré is the place for Brome Lake Ducks in Montreal

interior views of le canard libere, espace gourmand

I parked in front of Le Canard Libéré yesterday as I went to take pictures of a store on Saint-Laurent Street. It was just after lunchtime and I did not have lunch yet. I saw that they served gourmet sandwiches.

I entered for some take-out food and I got out with food provisions from their delicatessen. I was in a hurry but I took the time to ask a few questions and take pictures. I bought a duck pie for when I work late, a duck liver terrine and a pack of dried duck that you can roll over a melon like we do with prosciutto.

duck products from Brome Lake Ducks and small regional producers

For lunch, I ate a country-style soup made with cabbage, duck cubes in a duck broth with a duck confit Panini. It was delicious! Not bad for a girl who had to eat in a hurry.

The duck from Brome Lake Ducks are not sold everywhere so it is great to be able to find everything under one roof. Le Canard Libéré also carries a vast selection of harmonizing gourmet food from small regional producers to save you time. There was a couple in the store who were having friends for dinner and the first reaction of the man was: get the sauce.

Whether you are a Montrealer or only visiting Montreal, put Le Canard Libéré on your shopping itinerary.

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+ Le canard libéré, espace gourmand p 514.286.1286
4396 boul. Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC, Canada, H2W 1Z5

  • Line Atallah
    April 2, 2009 at 11:46

    I heard about it a few months ago, and I never had the chance to go. Thanks for sharing. I will plan a trip soon, I like the feel of the place ( in your pictures ). And mostly, I LOVE duck.

  • Miss B
    April 7, 2009 at 15:07

    I leave close to the Canard du Lack Brome, It’s great to see there boutique in Montreal, thank you!