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witch ball and flower vase by Verre minuit :: Karine Bouchard

If you read my blog often, you already know that Gogoglass is a favorite of mine. I owned her Lemon Reamer and it works like a charm. My husband used it when he plays the barman to extract citrus juices.

When I went to their Workshop Sale on December 1, I took some pictures of their latest creations. Once again, it was a pure pleasure for the eyes.

For your home decor

Karine Bouchard of Verre Minuit makes stunning witch balls. She hangs a bunch of witch balls as a large wall structure. Several times customers asked her to take a picture of her composition and then buy the whole things. They used her picture as a template to reproduce her composition when they get home.

Karine’s witch balls come in 3 almost sizes starting at $25 CAD for the small balls. Witch balls are a popular holiday ornament that you can keep all year around.

If I am not mistaken, Karine and Annie Michaud collaborated to create these amazing flower vases. Otherwise, it is a creation of Verre Minuit. A plate with a small hole can sit on the top. This design enables you to put a single branch on a large vase. Look and versatility combine in one vase.

For your table

salt container :: mortar & pestle :: fruit vase by annie michaud

Annie Michaud creates many tableware products. The French name Main-de-sel ($52 / 62$) sounds more lovely than Salt container. Annie created a glass container with a two-sided spoon for serving sea salt at your table. When you entertain more than six persons, I suggest you place two salt containers. A ratio of 3 to 4 persons conveys a sense of refinement.

I tried out Annie’s own mortar & pestle($95 / $105), the one she used to ground her pepper at the workshop. Wow! It works as well as it looks. I put one on my Christmas wish list; we will see soon if Santa Claus selected it. Otherwise, I will get the bright orange one myself.

A new product is the fruit vase ($45 at the workshop). It is really pretty when you make a row of identical fruits. I could see that used as a centerpiece.

If you are in Montreal, know that the prices of Annie Michaud’s pieces are sold on average for $10 less at her workshop. That is why I put two prices.

385 de la Commune East (marché Bonsecours)
Montreal, QC H2Y 1H2
phone 514.397.8882

For Karine Bouchard : Web site of Verre Minuit – her latest creations are not there
Buy online: Web site of Annie Michaud

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    Great design, nice demonstration of items!

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