Kilowatt Cat Beds and Maow Feeders for my Eco-friendly Tuesday

I was looking for a different angle for my eco-friendly column. I own two cats. I decided to check what was happening in the cat product market. This is how I came across two Canadian design brands from British Columbia that make modern pet accessories with green considerations.

Plus, as an interior designer, I am thrilled by the look of the cat products. Instead of hidden them, you will want to show off your cat gears.

Modern Style Cat Beds

Kilowatt Studio produces two handcrafted cats beds made from wool, bamboo and organic cotton. Nest and Pod are suitable for cats and small dogs. Nest intertwining design reproduces the way birds make their nest. Even though the design of Nest is more unique, I prefer the clean lines of Pod.

Kilowatt gives a portion of the proceeds from the sale of every cat bed to the Vancouver Orphaned Kitten Rescue Association. Beware that these cat beds are not cheap. They are available online at Vûrv Design.

Raised Cat Feeders

Raising the bowl a few inches from the floor make it more comfortable and healthier for your cat. One of your bowls is 1 inch higher from the ground than the other and my cats fight for it. I am thinking of giving them raised bowls. Maow feeders are made from bent-ply and finished in a choice of real wood veneers and metal laminates. They are quite durable.

I am showing you the Maow Deluxe feeder, which is a prototype right now. It should become available in a near future. The Maow comes with three bowls: two on each side for serving food while you put water ion the middle bowl.

My cats drank from a fountain. The water stays fresher and colder that way. If you go often for the weekend, a big fountain simplifies your life.

+ Nest cat bed $529 USD
+ Pod cat bed $459 USD
+ Maow Fedder wood finish $98 USD, aluminum and painted plywood $106