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pirate cupcakes for a  kid party by KiwiGirlSteph

I am happy to announce that the Real-life Party series which will feature actual parties done by you is officially opened.

To be fair, it is the third real-life parties from readers since I showcased the Caveman Theme for a 40th Birthday Party in January 2008 and Yuri Gagarin’s Night Party 2008 in Montreal in April 2008.

Birthday Cake and Party Favors

Steph, a.k.a. KiwiGirlSteph on Flickr made these adorable cupcakes for a boy fourth birthday party. This mom is very talented and she bakes cakes for her friends and family.

The birthday cake was in fact a pirate ship. The cupcakes were the loot. Every cupcake went home in a mini treasure chest along with chocolate coins and pirate stickers.

The Invitations Set the Tone

The invites were homemade with a lot of pirate speak. They selected a treasure map design and aged the paper with tea.

Décor and Costume

The party was a fantastic event organized by the parents. First, they decorated their house with a pirate theme. All the kids and parents were
dressed up.

Activities for the Kids

It is important to plan several activities to amuse the kids. The parents set up a tattoo parlor manned by an Auntie. Other activities include a dress up treasure chest, pin the patch on the pirate game and the usual treasure hunt. To top it up, they hired a pirate Captain Blackboots to perform on his small scaled pirate ship.


The kids had fish and chips for the food along with the usual party food.

That sounds like a fantastic party. Thank you Steph for the insider tips. If you are looking for more fabulous cake inspirations, do not miss KiwiGirlSteph’s Cakes, Cupcakes and Cookies set on Flickr.

Photo credits: KiwiGirlSteph on Flickr – rights reserved

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    July 22, 2008 at 02:18

    Hi Kim… I just love these cupcakes… they look awesome and m sure kids would have loved these cute looking pirates… thanks for sharing … sure this mom is pretty talented… I have posted this link for my readers to enjoy @ “Pirate Birthday Party”… m sure they are going to thank me for this … 🙂