Kid Karting Birthday Party Captured By Top Wedding Photographer Jessica Claire

jonathan's race birthday party photographed by jessica cl

I imagine this birthday party to be every little boy’s dream. What a treat it must have been for all the kids who showed up.

Reproduce the Look and Feel

You can organize a go kart competition as long as you have enough land. To avoid the cost of renting go karts, you can organize a bike competition where each kid brings its own bike. For safety reasons, clock individual runs. You can use big wheel bikes and tricycles for the younger kids.

Simply construct a race track with road safety cones. Try the circuit a few times to make sure it is safe for the kids.

Flag Race Pennants are easy to find in stores or online. Pennants are available at toys stores and party supplies stores. Auto dealer supply stores carry economical triangular and rectangular race flag pennants with long ropes.

The Lego play station is a great activity where kids and adults can interact. You can set up a DUPLO station for the younger kids. Check Jessica Claire‘s Web site for more pictures about this kid birthday party.

Serving The Upscale Market

Jessica Claire was named one of the Top 10 Wedding Photographers In The World: 2008 by American Photo Magazine. Her beautiful photographs show emotions. Her pictures are engaging. A glimpse at her portfolio will convince you of her talents.

Complete wedding experiences begin at $15,000. Portraits or Experience Sessions begin at $2500. All sessions include your shoot, online posting, a custom, leather book of our session. Naturally her clients host outstanding events. Jonathan’s 6th birthday party is the perfect example.

+ Triangle Race Flag Pennant at Sid Savage – price: $9.90 USD for 60 feet
+ Rectangle Race Flag Pennant at Sid savage – price: $9.90 USD for 60 feet
+ Images from Jessica Claire – rights reserved

  • Steamy Kitchen
    July 27, 2008 at 18:12

    For itty bitty kids – like 2-5, take big cardboard boxes and cut the top and bottoms off. Tie 2 thick ropes so that the kids can “wear” their cars – the ropes get hung on their shoulders to keep the cars up.

    Spray paint the outside and then have an assortment of paints/markers, stickers, big construction paper shapes and numbers cut out of construction paper. Kids can decorate their own racecars.

    We did that for a train party and the kids loved it so much.

  • Ethan
    December 19, 2008 at 16:36

    That kid the picture Jonathan looks liek a spoiled brat. What a chubbs, has cake all over him.

  • Jamie Krygier
    August 23, 2010 at 08:35

    I relished playing with Lego when I was younger and lately the games on ps3. I think that it has to be the hottest toy of all time. The important thing about it is the number of different ways it can be organized. This is a outstanding example of how Lego can be exploited. I might even get my age-old Lego out now!