Juvenile tones: 3 blogs and a mood board – 2007.11.05 edition

apartment therapy the nursery : Oh joy : Design boner

A sense of innocence characterizes this week board. Even if I qualified the color palette as juvenile, these objects are really cute. They have a certain “je ne sais quoi”.

1 | Apartment Therapy : The Nursery

The mix and match melamine Taylor Sectional Trays from Pottery Barn Kids reminds me of the 70s TV dinners that we saw on TV. My mother never served us these fake meals. But the idea of compartment trays is fun. They would be a hit at a kid birthday.

Janie from Apartment Therapy : The Nursery confessed that there are appreciate by adults as well. Right now, they are on sale at half-price if we forgot the 99 cents difference.

2 | Oh Joy!

Of all the sweet vessels from Yoyo Ceramics that Oh Joy! presented, a consensus formed around the Apple & Pear set.

But these Apples and Pears are not just cute. They come handy in the kitchen or as individual serving pieces on the table.

3 | Design Boner

If you are keen on scientific stuff, you will fall in love with the Periodic Table of Sentiments Card Collection by Pink Loves Brown (what a lovely brand name!). Cardboard of Design Boner uncovered this find.

The Periodic Table of Sentiments come as an emergency set for 6 typical occasions or each card is sold separately.

Buy online: Taylor Sectional Trays at Pottery Barn Kids – on sale: $16.99 USD for a set of 4
Buy online: Apples & Pears at Yoyo Ceramics – price: £25 for a set of 2
Buy online: Periodic Table of Sentiments Cards by Pink Loves Brown – price: $13.50 USD for a set of 6