Jumbo Bar by Jorge Najera Makes a Cool Home Bar

jumbo bar and drink light by Jorge Najera

If you are looking for a modern bar that works for both an indoors or outdoors installation, check out the Jumbo Bar designed by Jorge Najera.

Made of rotationally molded polyethylene, the Jumbo Bar incorporates light sources beneath the surface.

You can easily vary the eye-catching glow by using colored light bulbs. It is a great way to change the mood of your party.

Jumbo Bar Accessories

From one angle, Drink Light is a luminous stool that matches the look and feel of the Jumbo Bar. Turn it upside-down and Drink Light becomes a fabulously trendy ice or wine bucket. The light comes handy to read the labels of wine or beer bottles at a night party.

+ Jumbo Bar by Jorge Najera at Generate Design – price: $1499 USD
+ Drink Light by Jorge Najera – price: $379 USD

  • Laurent LaSalle
    August 9, 2008 at 13:10

    It would be cool if the bar was in frosted white plastic with lights inside of it… Not really a “green” idea, but whatever!

  • Laurent LaSalle
    August 9, 2008 at 13:12

    LOL! Never mind… I should learn to read posts instead of commenting only on pictures… Were the lights closed on the picture behind the bar? o_O