Jme Pantry Products at Williams-Sonoma and My Favorite Tartare Sauce

jme pantry collection

Last week, I went to Infopresse RDV Media to hear what Andy Harris, the editor of Jamie magazine, had to say about the integration of the Jamie Oliver brand. Sadly, his talk did not meet my expectations. I hoped for insights about how to successfully run a multi-platform brand and we got an exposed of what are the several components of the Jamie Oliver brand. And Andy does not share the enthusiasm that Jamie portrays so well on the screen.

Nonetheless, I was pleased to learn that some Jme food products are now sold at Williams-Sonoma across the United States and in Canada. I did not know that.  You see, we do not have a Williams-Sonoma in Montreal. Plus, the Jme products are buried under Shop Food by collection on the Williams-Sonoma Web site.

Jamie’s pantry collection is a bit of a luxury. But I feel that any Jme products would make an awesome hostess gift and should please your busy gourmet friends.

tea, cookies and jme antipasto pastes

My Suggestions

Although I usually make my own tartare sauce, I would give his Jme Tartare Sauce a try since it is tart. The sweet version that many make by mixing mayonnaise and sweet relish is not an option for me. His main ingredients are grapeseed oil, gherkins, free-range pasteurized eggs, extra virgin olive oil, capers, white wine vinegar, lemon juice, parsley, raw cane sugar, black pepper, sea salt, and mustard flour. What I never used in mine is the mustard flour. See top picture.

Based on a Greek recipe, the Jme Rosemary Olives are juicy black kalamata and green olives that are naturally ripened and water-cured before being marinated in fruity extra-virgin olive oil that’s flavored with rosemary and sun dried tomatoes.

jme british mustard

When hamburgers, hot dogs or sausages on the menu for a BBQ, I make sure to serve an assortment of fine mustards. This medium-strength coarse-grain British mustard would be a nice addition. Ingredients include strong Kentish cider vinegar and a medley of savory spices.

+ Jme Tartare Sauce $14 USD at Williams-Sonoma
+ Jme Rosemary Olives $24.95
+ Jme Tea $29.95 Assam, English Breakfast Tea
+ Jme Biscuits $9.95 – $16.95
+ Jme Paste $12 – $32
+ Jme Mustard $14

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    The Jme Pantry Products are available at Williams-Sonoma

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    Jme Pantry Products at Williams-Sonoma:
    Last week, I went to Infopresse RDV Media to hear what Andy Harris, the e…

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