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Japanese Colored Pencil Sets for Kids and Adults

idea idea with duller colored pencils and sketchbook

idea idea with duller colored pencils and sketchbook

Colored pencils is a timeless gift to anyone who likes to draw. I like the chic look of the Japanese colored pencils designed by IDEA Idea in collaboration with old school German art supply firm to create Düller. The square shape of the pencils mean that they won’t roll over the table. You can buy the pencil set alone or a kit with a sketchbook.

colored pencil sets

For kids and adults, I found at MoMA a set of fluorescent colored pencils. I also like that MUJI puts their colored pencils in a tube instead of a box.

+ 36-Colors Pencil Set+Sketchbook $92 USD at A+R Store, pencil set at $66
+ Fluorescent Colored Pencil Set $24 USD at MoMA store
+ MUJI’s 60 Colored Pencils in a Tube $27.95 USD At MUJI USA

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