Invite the Vacu Vin Creepy Creatures to Your Halloween Party

for halloween, creepy creatures glass markers by vacu vin

Vacu Vin is launching a new set of glass markers especially for Halloween. These 13 creepy creatures are charming enough to be used at a kids party, if you like. You stick the marker on your glass, cup or beer bottle to identify it. The glass marker stays in place by suction. They work as well as the Party People glass markers that I reviewed last February.

Vacu Vin Party People Glass Markers

Since the Party People markers look like 12 little monsters, you can blended the two sets. Get 2 packs of each set. Put them in a box. Ask each guest to draw their glass marker. This way, you could host a party with 50 guests and run little chances that 2 persons with the same character put their glass next to each other.

+ Vacu Vin Glass Markers Party People $7.98 USD for 12
+ Creepy Creatures Glass Markers by Vacu Vin

  • Renee
    August 20, 2009 at 21:11

    trop cute! qui m’en apporte à Isla Mujeres? 😉