Interview with Elaine Griffin: Decorating your Home for the Holiday

lowe\'s before and after foyer for the holiday

I interviewed last week interior designer and author Elaine Griffin about preparing your home for Christmas. We talked about quick fixes to enhance your home decor and trends in Holiday decorations. We also explored how to decorate without a Christmas tree, how to display the gifts if you do not have a Christmas tree, how to prepare a cozy guest room and decking your front door.

A Cheerful Foyer

As you can see from the before and after pictures, a coat of paint instantly transformed the mood of the foyer. A new rug and new drapes add warmth and sophistication. I often custom the edge of store-bought drapes with a band of fabric and an ornate ribbon. As for the Christmas decorations, you do not need tons of decorations to make an impact. A few well selected items can do the trick. Typically, you get better results when your festive decorations integrate with the style of your home.

Be Ready for a Delightful Stay

Elaine suggested that you become a guest in your guest room for one weekend. As you stay there, take the time to write down what is missing to make your stay comfortable. You may find that you are missing a reading lamp, an extension cord to recharge both your laptop and your cellphone and a few other objects here and there. If you do this before your guests arrive, you will have less things to worry about during their stay. I think it is clever idea.

Grab a cup of tea and watch our 12-minute long interview. It will pass quickly. I would be surprised if you do not find an idea or two that you wish to steal.

If you like Elaine Griffin’s idea, know that she just published a new book titled Design Rules: The Insider’s Guide to Becoming Your Own Decorator.