Instant party décors with FERM Living wall stickers

flora 70s style finger print wall stickers by FERM Living

With the announcement of the opening of a FERM Living branch in the United States several weeks ago, I was interested to know how easy it was to install and remove their wall decals.

I think that wall decals will become popular party supply. For that to happen, it must be easy to remove the walls decals after the party.

So I was glad to receive an invitation from FERM Living USA to test drive their wall decals. I received the gold FLORA wall decals. We select this one because it is affordable and it will look good on my blue-wall office.

My assessment report

I am very impressed. It is easy and fast to put on. You can remove it without damaging your wall paint. BEWARE: I only tried it on several small petals as I want to keep the wall decals up in my office wall.

So it is possible to create a temporary décor with the wall decals by FERM Living and remove it anytime after the party. I want you to understand that this is not a sure thing so be prepared to do little touch ups. If you worried, buy an 8 x 4 feet foam core or another light material to install the decals and hang the structure or fix it to the wall.

How did my installation go?

Water World wall sticker by FERM Living

First of all, my walls are far from perfect which I think is good test for my experiment. My walls have a slightly bumpy texture. It has been a few weeks now that I put the stickers up and they hold well.

I tested different inefficient installation methods on purpose. I achieved good results with all of them. I even make a cut with scissor on a petal and we cannot see the line now that the sticker is on the wall. So the small scale stickers are fool proof.

The best way to install the wall stickers is in my opinion:

  • Roughly cut the shape of each piece.
  • Use painter tape or a pin to lay the pieces on wall so you can play around with the placement of each piece.
  • When you are satisfied with the composition, remove the protective paper and press the sticker on the wall starting from the center moving towards the edges.
  • You can always reposition a section if needed.
  • I used simply my thumb to flat it down.
  • For larger decals, I would suggest a rubber edged application tool used to put window film.

Ideas for party décor

The 70s Style is a definite choice for a groovy party. The Finger Print adds a nice touch to a spy theme party, a detective game night or an identity related event. Mix together the Fly on the wall, the Birds and the Pine Tree Wall Sticker to create a summer cabin mood in a large hall.

Look at the selection of nature and animal themed wall stickers to plan a fun but stylish children party. Water World shown above can be the starting point of a sea adventure party expedition.

More to come

I started a craft project for party supplies, possibly making a centerpiece and seating chart markers, out of the Acrylic Ornaments by FERM Living. I keep you posted when it is done.

I want to thank again FERM Living. I also received a sample of the Branch pattern wallpaper. It is gorgeous, a strong wallpaper. Why not make a table runner out of wallpaper? Branch will look great on a raw themed tabletop.

Buy online: Wall Stickers by FERM Living US 
Learn more: Blog of FERM Living US – with examples of application

  • Jenn
    August 3, 2007 at 11:39

    how fun.
    thanks for this post, i’m going to check them out. I love wall art!