Inspiring Studios and Craft Stations

craft rooms and work studio inspirations

These days, I am thinking about how I can set up a studio place to demonstrate actual tabletop settings. I also need a craft station plus a storage cabinet for my props. I am reviewing more and more products, so where do I store them?

My Dilemma

I could convert some spaces at home to serve double duty or I could simulate a dining room at the office. Each option has its pros and cons. Our commercial lease will finish at the end of the year and we do not plan to renew it at this point. So I feel it would be a temporary thing if I do it at our current office location. But it can also be a testing ground to see what works and what is not.

My Inspirations on Flickr

I was in search for some inspirations from the creative crowd. I found plenty on Flickr. I particularly like the happy color card catalog reduc uploaded by bitsandbobbins. This is from an Apartment Therapy Semi Home Tour.

Since I was on the spring cleaning mindset, unclutter was in order. Pink Loves Brown is the brain who designs and sells stationery and cards. I check out her studio. I felt in love with her order sorting boxes; it is so cute.  Nicole also writes the Making it Lovely blog.

What is next?

Ideally, I may need to set up a craft room in both places. I took the first step today. My mother, who lives out of town, came to visit me this morning. I gave her a ton of stuff that I do not used anymore. So far, I envision a few good spots for my prop storage. I will keep you posted on my developments.

If you possess your own craft room or creative studio, what is the best thing about it?

  • hulagirl
    April 23, 2008 at 21:46

    i just discovered this blog and love it! i was wondering where you got your card catalog files from? i have been looking on ebay, but any other ideas? thanks, hulagirl