Inspiring Reclaimed Wood Walls at Les Enfants Terribles

reclaimed wood wall designed by Louis-Joseph Papineau at Les enfants terribles

I wish to talk about this restaurant not for his cooking, since I have never ate there but for its decor. Les Enfants Terribles is a pub located in Outremont, Quebec. What strikes me is how the architect Louis-Joseph Papineau play with depths on the reclaimed walls to create storage and decorating shelving. Naturally, he used the same technique to keep the bar bottles.

playing with depths to create shelves :: les enfants terribles in outremont, quebec

The food is a mix between typical French bistro and pub food. I am curious to try their fish and chips. If you want to get an idea of the food, watch this 30-second video. I would skip the calamari dish.

+ wall: photographed by Dominic Gauthier for Voir
+ bar: 30 seconds review
+ small : sweetmama.ca