Inspiring Outdoor Rooms and Lighting in Domino magazine

outdoor rooms and bedroom on domino :: havana lamp :: moroccan globe lantern

Summer is here. The last two issues of Domino magazine featured amazing outdoor rooms and lighting.

Outdoor entertaining requires more than a cool outdoor kitchen. The new essential is an outdoor lounge. Here are a few ideas to create an incredible outdoor space.

Modern Bonfire

No one can deny how much fun it feels to sit outside around a bonfire. This modern version mixes with classical touches. You can see a more ornate version of the green glazed ceramic table I shown you in my Moroccan Dinner Party theme.

Three oil lamps with the same shape as the fire pit show an attention to details. This is a great example of the art of repetition.

Havana Outdoor Lamp

The look of tall modern lamps illuminating the backyard is second to none. Many models exist for the home interior. Now, upscale manufacturers produce outdoor version.

The Havana outdoor lamp can light ample spaces. It is very efficient for your backyard since it nicely defines paths, perspective planes and depth of field. The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) selected it for its permanent collection. I love it!

Safety Issues

The cutest lamps we can find for an event are sometimes indoor lamps. You can use indoor lamps for one night but make sure to hook them to the power supply with outdoor plugs. And use them if and if they forecast no rain.

These amazing amber and pink Moroccan Globe lanterns are available at Mosaik. These lanterns become more impressive once they are lit.

Outdoor Bedroom

Here is something that we do not see often done other than in magazines. This urban camping seems a great compromise if your partner is not ready to do camping in nature.

It feels very out of Africa. Sleeping outside sounds divine on a hot day with a breeze.

For more inspirations, check out the outdoor rooms gallery and the outdoor lighting gallery available on the Domino’s Web site.

>>> Sourcing:
Buy online: Havana Outdoor Floor Lamp at YLighting – price: $672 USD
Buy online: Moroccan Globe Amber glass lantern at Mosaik – price: $79 USD for 10 inches, $99 for 12 inches
Buy online: Moroccan Globe Pink glass lantern at Mosaik – price: $79 USD for 10 inches, $99 for 12 inches
Bonfire, Havana and Moroccan Globe: photographed by David Tsay for June/July 2008 issue of Domino – rights reserved
Outdoor Bedroom: photographed by Paul Costello for March 2008 issue of Domino – right reserved