Inspiration for a Crafty Chic Picnic

inspirations for a picnic :: miss pickles press and toast

The Memorial Day’s weekend marks the start of summer. I will give you a head start on inspirations for remarkable picnic with your friends and family members.

First way to impress your guests is with these adorable BBQ cutlery envelop. I am getting two packets. If I like them, I may buy more to give as hostess gifts. The BBQ Cutlery Kraft Envelops are the creations of etsy seller Miss Pickles Press.

Then, it is the magic of the styled pictures of UK retailer Toast that inspired me. Take clues on how to nicely wrap your sandwiches. I was interviewed earlier this week by a journalist (the article is yet to be posted) on themes for summer bashes. I referred to tiffin tins, probably because they are on my wish list. Plus there is no chance to break the stainless picnic set if you mix your picnic with a bicycle ride.

miss pickles press cocktail sticks on etsy

Every party should have its signature drink. For a hot summer afternoon, make a pitcher of limoncello and light (less sugar) cranberry juice. Arrange the proportions to taste but their should be in the range of 1/3 limoncello with 2/3 cranberry juice or 1/4 limoncello with 3/4 cranberry juice. You can prepare it in advance in a thermos bottle. Add ice cubes to the glass when you are ready to serve. The Sip and Repeat Cocktail Sticks, again by Miss Pickles Press, adds a welcoming touch to your drink.

inspirations for a picnic :: toast and cocktail sticks

You can bring a nice arrangement of cut flowers or gather a bunch of wild flowers on place. If you like to do picnics on a beach at the cottage, get a couple of wood bath mats on the sand with a long bath brush and a bar of natural soap.

+ BBQ cutlery envelop $15 for a pack of 12 on etsy
+ tiffin tins small £12, medium £22, large £39 at Toast
+ picnic set £39 at Toast
+ madras tablecloth £25
+ mango wood bath mat £35
+ Sip and Repeat Cocktail Sticks by Miss Pickles Press $10 for a pack of 12
+ scholar vase £49, available in sky blue, grenadine and citrus green

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