Innovative Living Arrangements

women sharing unit split in 2 studios

With the baby boomer generation getting older and the increasing number of people living alone, new experimentations in how we cohabit will multiply.

After a certain ages living with roommates is out of the question. But living alone has its inconveniences, especially as we are getting older.

Multiple factors will trigger dwelling experimentations from a sense of security, to lowering the cost of ownership to the need for a supportive system and companionship. How can you get all that without losing your individual privacy.

Two Studios, One Unit

This is how these two artist women felt. To make a story short, life circumstances and long discussions led them to buy together a large space and divide it in two living studios.

one unit :: two studios in new york city

Each woman has her own studio apartments linked together by a hallway. Since this is a custom project, they did not lose their individuality. The floor plan suits the way each one lives. One has a huge kitchen for a small spaces while the other who do not cook simply integrated a fridge, a sink and a microwave in a wall storage unit.

Not just for Baby Boomers

It will be surprising this arrangement become popular anytime soon but it opens our minds to new housing concepts.

I feel this arrangement can please single people working at home. They would get access to a companion with similar interests to chat with when they are in their pajama or simply want to take a 15-minute break. The key for success is to set clear rules of engagement from the start.

If you wish to know more, read To Each Her Own on the New York Times.

+ photos by Michael Weschler for The New York Times – rights reserved