Infuse a Burst of Flavor in Ice Cubes and Water

adding a burst of flavor to ice cubes and water

adding a burst of flavor to ice cubes and water

Today, it feels like Spring in Montreal. I am thinking about summer drinks to serve on a terrace. Here are a few tips to cheer up water and cocktails. Drop berries, herbs, strips of citrus zest and ginger bits before you add water to your ice cube trays. It cannot be simpler than that.

Adding Tonic Water to your Ice Cubes

I like to serve for the aperitif a glass of Portonic. It is a refreshing long drink made with dry white Port, tonic water, ice, garnished with either a slice of lemon or lime. A modern variation is to replace the slice of lemon by a slice of cucumber and 2 green grapes. In this case, you could pour some tonic water before adding the tab water to make your ice cubes. You could make 100% tonic water ice cubes but they will melt at a faster rate.

Flavored waters

Let the ingredients infuse the water on the fridge for at least an hour before serving. Try the mix of sliced ginger, cucumber ribbons, and mint sprigs. Martha also suggested to add lime slices, large strips of orange zest, and gently crushed rosemary sprigs to your water pitcher.

+ photo: Flavored Ice Cubes on Martha Stewart
+ photo: Inviting waters on Martha Stewart

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